Debbie - Nerikomi Candle Holder - Set of 2

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Material: White Stoneware and Black Stoneware
Approximate Dimensions:
Width : 4.5 cm
Height:  10 cm

Opening:  2.5 cm



UNIQUE! There is only one single pair of candle holders, so you will be getting the one photographed!


Please take into consideration that this item is handmade. Therefore, dimensions & colors may slightly vary from item to item. There is also a chance that the item you receive is not the exact same as the one photographed (unless otherwise stated), so if the glaze has spots or crystals, their positioning will be different from item to item. This makes each and every one of my objects completely unique :)





This candle holder is made from two different types of clay, a natural-colored one and a black one, and is done using the Japanese hand-building technique called Nerikomi.

This year, I took it upon myself to try a lot of different things in the area of clay, I want to expand my experience inventory and also get the chance to play with other ways of making things with ceramics. Nerikomi has been in my radar for a while and I have been wanting to try this technique for a long time. My former studio mate, Agnes, introduced me to it and I always thought it to be so cool, but I always thought that maybe that was not for me, because it is so time-intensive.

Some years later, I finally had the gut! I tried different patterns and played with the possibilities that this technique brings. I wanted to play with the idea of a double handle as my Zebrinos and a candle holder. These were born! It is still a trial, because this was actually so time intensive that I don’t know if I profit from it at all. so let’s see what you guys think :)






  • This item is dishwasher & microwave-safe, however, washing it by hand is always better for its longevity.
  • This item is watertight.



Disclaimer: Use for decoration purposes.