Ceramic Porcelain Candle Holder and a Beeswax Candle
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How to safely position your candles into your ceramic candle holders
Words by Yvonne Rausch
Edit by Hanna Halstuch

Properly positioning your candles in your ceramic candle holder will keep you safe and provide a lovely touch and warmth to your home. Now let’s get started with some advice on how to make sure your candles burn brightly and accident-free.

Before we begin, it’s important to clarify that positioning your candles in your candle holder will prevent potential accidents and will enhance the space’s aesthetics. Also, we are going to be using tamper candles, these ones are the long and thin candles, and are usually (but not only) made with paraffin, beeswax, and soy wax.

Before starting it’s important to talk about the different types of wax, paraffin and beeswax are often used because they stick to a variety of surfaces, including ceramic candle holders.

To have a clean and residue-free candle holder, pour boiling water into the opening using a wooden tool to scrape away the wax and repeat the process until the area is clean and clear of residue; watch out not to burn yourself with the boiling water.

Let’s begin!

Step 1:

Find a safe and stable spot to set your candle holder and candle, it is important to light the candle far from flammable materials such as curtains and to have a flat surface as a base for the candle holder.

Step 2:

With your lighter or match, burn the base bottom of the candle until the wax melts and starts to drip on your ceramic candle holder.

Step 3:

Let the candle wax drip into the ceramic candle holder for about 4-6 drops.

Step 4:

Rapidly stick the bottom of the tamper candle to the ceramic candle holder to the center of your ceramic candle holder. Remember: it’s important not to let the wax try, otherwise it will not stick.

Step 5:

Hold the candle firmly against the candle holder for a couple of seconds, do not do it too hard or it might break. When the wax from the bottom of the candle dries, the candle should be safely positioned on the ceramic candle holder. It’s important to double check that the candle is firmly attached to the candle holder before moving on to the next step, you should shake the candle holder a little bit to make sure that the candle is stuck and is not moving from its place.

Step 6:

Now that you have your candle safely set on your ceramic candle holder, you can light your candle and enjoy your afternoon with a bottle of wine for a romantic dinner, a fun night with friends, or just a relaxing night for you with the shining candlelight.

To ensure that there are no unwanted scenarios, it is suggested that you stay in the same room as the burning candle and extinguish it before leaving the room. This will ensure that the candle won’t fall and cause an accident.

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