Small Zebrino - Blue on White - Version II

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Material: Porcelain
Approximate Dimensions:
Wide including handles: 20cm
Height: 14cm

Diameter from the opening: 4cm


Unique: This means that by purchasing this Zebrino you will get exactly the one photographed.


Please take into consideration that this item is handmade. Therefore, dimensions & colors may slightly vary from item to item. There is also a chance that the item you receive is not the exact same as the one photographed (unless otherwise stated), so if the glaze has spots or crystals, their positioning will be different from item to item. This makes each and every one of my objects completely unique :)




This is the first Zebrino that I make in a color that is not black, white or gray! Took me a while to feel comfortable with colors and Zebrinos so I thought Id start with blue, and slowly come in with more experiments and colors. But take a second to admire this beauty! Makes me think of summer and beautiful landscapes.

One of my Zebrino Vases was exhibited on September 2023 during the Paris Design Week at a gallery organized by 1000vases. (*fangirling*). This is the famous Zebrino / the first & smaller version.

I really put so much effort into some postcards written in 3rd person to feel important when I give people the postcards. I worked so hard on the text, so that’s the text you’re getting here.


“A staging of how restrictions can enhance creativity. The artist creates vase-like sculptures that play with two separate shapes – a cylinder and a disc-orb – transforming them into various possibilities. By using porcelain as a medium, it is possible to cut the shapes into multiple pieces and place them in a way that creates something new every time. These sculptures are then hand-painted with sharp-edged lines to enhance the contrast of the natural white porcelain. The artist saw comparability to a zebra with its black and white lines and a dinosaur with their multiple handles added in different parts of the sculpture’s body. These animalistic resemblances came to unite the name for this series: Zebrino.”





  • This item is dishwasher & microwave-safe, however, washing it by hand is always better for its longevity.
  • This item is watertight.



Disclaimer: Use for decoration purposes.